"Experience" Data-Analysis

Data analysis is the use of advanced analytic techniques to discover patterns and information in large and diverse sets of data, being generated in science, web, social media, networks and more. It helps to organize the understanding of information contained within data to extract important facts and points in science or for business decissions.


We are a community of data analytic specialists joining the "Data-Analysts.eu" network, providing statistical services, consultance, data mining, data optimization, predictive analytics, forecasting and visualisation for large volumes of data from various disciplines such as clinical research, biology, diagnostics, geographic information system (GIS), politics, business and more. As for most institutions data analysis is still challenging, we provide high level service of data analysis.

Services and analysis:

Next Generation Sequencing data

Bioinformatics and biostatistics for microbiobiome analysis, human genetics, genomics, fungi, viruses and other data coming from Next Generation Sequencing. We provide complete end-to-end analysis!


Geographic Information System (GIS)

Capturing, storing, manipulation, analysis, management and presentation of all types of spatial or geographical data and information.


Data mining & statistics

Discovering patterns in big data sets and proof significance of results using statistics.



Get statistical consultance, e.g. study design, discussing results and more for research or management decission making.


Diagnostics and clinical laboratory

Study design and analysis in diagnostics. Evaluation of diagnostic test performance. Method validation according to standard guidelines.



Big Data Visualisation

Visualisation of big data and important data content in tables and graphics. Summarization of results in graphics contribute to simplified interpretation of data.



Programming and setting up of SQL-atabases according to client inquiries.


Training & Courses

Trainings and courses in various disciplines such as programming, statistics, data analysis and more for research and marketing units in life science industry and clinical research.


Data-Analysts (belonging to omics2view.consulting GbR)

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